Would you rather know the date you’re going to die or the date the person you love most is going to die?

Anonymous asked: How old are you?

16 lmao

alejandrahasbun9 asked: Okay I can do that! Where you wanna go?

oh my go d


i’m probably too young for you tbh

alejandrahasbun9 asked: Would you kiss me? Hahah

idk you like that man. at least take me out first

Anonymous asked: I love when you guys kisses

roseellendix princessrosalindiwanttopoophere i think this was meant 4 u guys

alejandrahasbun9 asked: What turn you off?

uhhh, is this like a romantic/sexual question? lmao

  • bad hygiene
  • being way shorter than me because im really tall
  • unintelligent
  • no sense of humor
  • ignorant/racist/sexist etc etc
  • no sense of style
  • no ambitions/dreams
Anonymous asked: Ooh ooh could you make one or two gifs on Rose and Rosie talking about which buffy characters they'd be and Rose saying Rosie would be Clem and Rosie saying 'fuck off' - sorry if you don't take requests but it'd be really awesome :) - love your blog and your gifs btw

here ya go: http://roseandrosies.tumblr.com/post/93652861766/requested-by-anonymous-x

lol no problem i like requests because i don’t have to worry over picking parts to gif! and thank you qt

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